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James Joyce, DublinersBrian Friel, Dancing at LughnasaJ.M. Synge, The Playboy of the Western World...William Trevor, The Oxford Book of Irish Short Stories

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Selected Poetry

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  Seamus Heaney

  Richard Murphy

  Thomas Kinsella

  William Butler Yeats

  Louis MacNeice













William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

Required Reading
(included in Handouts

*Recommended reading
(not included in Handouts)

“The Stolen Child”

“Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven”

“The Lake Isle of Innisfree”

“The Balloon of the Mind”

“When You Are Old”

“The Fisherman ”

“A Drinking Song”

“The Heart of the Woman”

“Adam’s Curse”

“An Irish Airman Foresees His Death”

“No Second Troy”

“The Living Beauty”

“The Wild Swans at Coole”

“The Magi”

“Easter, 1916”

“The Moods”

“The Second Coming”

“Never give all the heart”

“Sailing to Byzantium”

“The Player Queen”

“Leda and the Swan”


“A Prayer for my Daughter”

“Among School Children”

“The Song of Wandering Aengus”


“The Sorrow of Love”

“Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop”

“To Ireland in the Coming Times”

“Lapis Lazuli”

“The Tower”

“Long-Legged Fly”

“The Young Man’s Song”

“The Circus Animals' Desertion”

“Who goes with Fergus?”



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Louis MacNeice (1907-1963)

Required Reading
(included in Handouts

*Recommended reading
(not included in Handouts)


“Bagpipe Music”

“The Sunlight on the Garden”

“The Brandy Glass”



“House On A Cliff”

“Eclogue by a Five-barred Gate”

“Soap Suds”



“June Thunder”


“Prayer Before Birth”






“The Suicide”


“Sunday Morning”



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Richard Murphy (1927-2018)

Required Reading
(included in Handouts)

*Recommended reading
(not included in Handouts)


“Little Hunger”


“St. Gormgall's Well”

“Green Martyrs”

“The Poet on the Island”

“Orange March”


“Casement's Funeral”


“High Island”



“Irish Bards and American Reviewers: An Exchange”





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Thomas Kinsella (1928- )

Required Reading
(included in Handouts)

*Recommended reading
(not included in Handouts)

“At the Ocean's Edge”

More to come...


“Drowsing over the Arabian Nights”

“The Force of Eloquence”


“[I Put My Hand in my Bosom]”


“Mirror in February”


“Natural Life”


“Night Songs”


“Ritual of Departure”








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Seamus Heaney (1939-2013)

Required Reading
(included in Handouts)

*Recommended reading
(not included in Handouts)

“Anything Can Happen”

“A Kite for Aibhνn”


“Act of Union”



“Death of a Naturalist”




“From the Frontier of Writing”


“Mid-Term Break”

“The Early Purges”

“The Otter”


“The Perch”


“Personal Helicon”

“From Lightenings”

“Strange Fruit”

“The Grauballe Man”

“The Tollund Man”

“Keeping Going”


“The Harvest Bow”




“Lovers on Aran”


“Mossbawn: Two Poems in Dedication”




“Requiem for the Croppies”


“Rite of Spring”




“Tankas for Toraiwa”




“Twice Shy”



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