ENG 220: Mythology and Folklore-Honors, Fall 2019 (CRN 10905)

Section CAH:  Tuesday/Thursday, 8:309:45 am
  North Hall, Room 208

Brian T. Murphy

Bradley Hall, Y-16

e-mail: brian.murphy@ncc.edu

Schedule and Office Hours

Important Announcements and Updates

Tuesday, 13 August:

I have added the first Extra Credit opportunity to the main page:

The Lightning Thief
Longacre Theater,
220 W 48th St,
New York, NY 10036

20 September 2019―5 January 2020
(Opens 16 Oct. 2019)

Ticket prices and schedule not yet available.



Tuesday, July 30:

The Academic Calendar for Fall 2019 has finally been posted. Consequently, both the main page and syllabus have been updated. Note: the most current version will always be available online, and changes will always be posted here as well as announced in class.

Thursday, July 25:

The main page and syllabus have both been updated for the Fall 2019 semester. In addition, textbooks have been ordered through the NCC Campus Store; however, you are encouraged to purchase them from wherever they are least expensive. We will be using the following:

Leeming, David. The World of Myth: An Anthology, 3 ed. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2018. 978-0190900137. (Available starting at $22.46 at Amazon.com)
Note: The second edition of The World of Myth is also acceptable, and substantially less expensive: $13.00 at Amazon.com.*

*Prices listed at Amazon.com do not include shipping, and are accurate as of original posting date only; no guarantees of prices or availability are express or implied.





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